IARC Cancer Classification at Odds with Health and Safety Regulators Worldwide

For Immediate Release

June 22, 2015 -

Raleigh, NC

The 2,4-D Research Task Force today responded to an International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) ranking, saying the IARC classification of 2,4-D as a "2B - possible" carcinogen is at odds with comprehensive cancer reviews completed by health and safety regulators worldwide. "No regulatory agency in the world considers 2,4-D to be a carcinogen," said Dr. Julie Goodman, an epidemiologist, board certified toxicologist and consultant to the 2,4-D Research Task Force. Dr. Goodman was an observer throughout the IARC meeting, which took place in France June 2 - 9.

"This ranking does not mean that 2,4-D causes or is even likely to cause cancer in people. IARC ranks substances based on potential hazards, but it is important to look at how they are used to assess real-world risk. IARC has assigned its 2B grouping to many other common products including aloe vera, coffee and pickled vegetables."

The studies that IARC considered have previously been reviewed by health and safety regulators around the world. Based on published, ongoing and continually updated scientific studies, health and safety authorities in more than 90 countries - including US Environmental Protection Agency, Health Canada, the European Food Safety Authority and the World Health Organization - continue to find that 2,4-D meets modern safety standards. In 2014, the US EPA stated: "...[B]ased on weight of evidence consideration of the available data, 2,4-D would be classified as 'Not Likely to be Carcinogenic to Humans'."

About the Task Force
The Industry Task Force II on 2,4-D Research Data is a joint research venture that funds the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) research studies required to support the registration and registration review of 2,4-D in the U.S. and Canada. The herbicide is widely used to control invasive and noxious weeds in agriculture, forestry and recreation, and for safety along highways, power line corridors and rail lines. No herbicide has been more thoroughly and continually studied. It was first registered in 1947.

The 2,4-D Task Force is comprised of those companies holding technical 2,4-D registrations: Dow AgroSciences (U.S.), Nufarm, Ltd. (Australia) and Agro-Gor Corp., a U.S. corporation jointly owned by Albaugh, LLC. (U.S.) and PBI-Gordon Corp. (U.S.). Learn more at www.24D.reviews

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