ZYLAM® Liquid Insecticide from PBI-Gordon Receives California Registration

For Immediate Release

November 28, 2012


PBI-Gordon Corporation announced that its Zylam® Liquid Systemic Insecticide received registration with the State of California Department of Pesticide Regulation, allowing Zylam to be marketed and sold in the state for the first time.

Zylam Liquid, which contains dinotefuran, is a soluble liquid labeled for the control of chewing and sucking insect pests such as armored and soft scales, aphids, borers, thrips, lace bugs and whiteflies in trees and shrubs.

"Zylam, the only liquid dinotefuran product available for the professional market, has been effectively used in multiple states since its launch in April 2012." says Jim Goodrich, Product Sales Specialist for the Turf and Ornamental Products Group at PBI-Gordon. "This new state registration ensures that our customers in California have access to this very versatile product. Zylam Liquid is odorless, mixes easily in water and can be applied by multiple applications methods. It's also highly soluble, allowing for rapid movement through trees, shrubs and ornamental plants for quick knockdown and control of insects.

Zylam Liquid is the newest addition to the highly successful Zylam product line, including Zylam 20SG Systemic Turf Insecticide, which was introduced in 2011. "With the availability of Zylam Liquid for trees and shrubs," says Goodrich, "we now have a dinotefuran product for trees, shrubs and turf for our California customers."

Zylam Liquid is labeled for soil drench, bark banding, soil injection and foliar applications and provides a cost effective solution for the professional market when compared with competitive insecticide products for trees and shrubs.

For more information on Zylam Liquid, visit www.pbigordon.com/zylamliquid

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